"Down The Rabbit Hole"

City Of Dreams Pavilion

Governor's Island . New York . NY


Dara Eskridge, Collaborator


We developed a proposal for the City of Dreams Pavilion design competition to be made of approximately 12,000 stacked used and out-of-use books.  The pavilion's materials were to be sourced from recyclable and/or discarded materials to promote sustainable construction practices for the temporary structure:


Books, like cities, hold dreamers and their hopes for the future between their shells.  This is a pavilion of stories gone by and wishes yet to be fulfilled.  

Stack upon stack, dreams are doubled down, as the undulating walls rise with the skyline of the city just beyond sight.

Dreamers are invited to get lost in the tales of others as inspiration to color their own.


Let yourself become small and YOUR DREAMS BECOME BIG.