Ron Stelmarski Collaborator


The design was a submision for a design competition for an urban housing propotype for Chicago.  The design, as a theme, applies the concept of "infill housing" as the scale of the vacant city lots to the organization of the individual house unit itself.

As a prototype, the potential of the proposal is that of offering a level of built-in choices for residents - demonstrated through (1) the different floor plates of each  unit; (2) the possibility for initial or future expansion of the units by single or multiple residents; (3) the use and character of exterior spaces; and (4) the possibility for various ownership/rental options.

The base prototype is organized into three living units - an accessible garden level unit, a first floor unit, and a second floor unit with a mezzanine level.  The garden level unit makes use of the rear space for possible live/work opportunities, or as a separate unit for extended family.

Additive spaces for expansion of the units surrounds an exterior courtyard at the center of the plan.  The 8'x8' module allows for spaces (pods) to be added to units  as additional interior rooms.

A standard Chicago block allows for parking access from a rear alley, and an additional rear yard is provided between parking or garage, and the unit.