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Low Cost Housing _ Eastern Cape . South Africa 


We participated as designer and project manager for a grant with Tuskegee University and the University of Fort Hare, to develop low cost housing for the Eastern Cape.


The house prototype is 40 square meters, and is designed to the size and material standards established by the post-Apartheid South African government to provide housing for its citizens.




The exterior brick was left unfinished, while the interior face was parged and painted white. The floor is a concrete slab, and the roof is corrugated tin, supported on wood timbers. The windows, doors and other fittings were fabricated locally. 

The house is designed to maximize day-lighting from the northern sun with a continuous clerestory at the roof, and large windows in the north wall.  




The double-wythe brick walls and concrete slab store heat during cold weather, and the roof overhangs and ventilation through windows and doors during warm weather serve to reduce energy costs and maintain a comfort level throughout the year.

Two houses were constructed within existing communities, and a third house was constructed on the Fort Hare campus.  The campus house incorporated solar panels in addition to the other features.

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