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Presley-Fluker Offices _ Brewton, Alabama 


The Presley Fluker Funeral Home derived from a need of its owners to create a separate location from the facility in Evergreen, Alabama - thirty miles to the north.  It represents the life work of our family and was our first independent project.


The design came out of a desire to express the building's program spaces as a grouping of small, related buildings - recalling farmsteads found along two-lane roads in rural Alabama.  



This also conserves energy by allowing each building component to be occupied, and heated and cooled independent of the other spaces.

The goal of the design was to also create a private exterior courtyard space, shielded from the view and traffic of Hwy. 31 on which the facility fronts.



The 4,000 sf facility is organized into four connected buildings: the public space consisting of the Lobby and Chapel buildings, and the private space of the Office and Garage/Prep buildings.  All of the main entries occur through the central courtyard, and the Chapel and Lobby entries are covered by a translucent acrylic roof.

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